Tried a new craft medium…

So…I saw a picture like this, on one of my Apps ( I can’t remember which one), except the wording is different. I (being typical me) got a bee in my bonnet and decided to try it. I found a few valuable instructions on Pinterest and went out to buy the products in order to make this project.

When I started, I was very nervous that I was going to create a disaster zone, but I was also equally excited about this new challenge ahead of me.

I bought the canvas (at a bargain, I might add) and then I got the crayons. I ran out of crayons half way through, so I had to dig into my secret stash (have to hide it away from the kiddies) and complete the heart shape. I then grabbed my trusty hairdryer and some newspaper and starting heating the crayons.

I must say…I didn’t quite expect the absolute river of colour that ended up on the newspaper and I had to try and cool the crayons a bit at one point because it looked like they were disappearing at an alarming rate.

I then had to try and cover up the pencil marks from when I drew the lines on for the heart and they didn’t want to come off 😦  but I didn’t lose heart and just carried on. I painted over them in white, as best I could.

I looked for the wording that I want to use and wrote it onto the canvas with a Sharpie koki, and voilà!

I must say, I am quite proud of my creation and will definitely try a few other crayon crafts because it came out so beautifully!

A few lessons that I learnt when I tried this project:

 1. Don’t write with pencil on a canvas, it doesn’t rub off 😉

2. Use more newspaper for protection again the wax that flows like a river

3. Don’t doubt yourself

4. And lastly, don’t ever be too afraid to try something new…like Joyce Meyer says, ‘Do it afraid!’

 And that’s all from me today my fellow bloggers, hope you enjoyed it and I hope that someone will be inspired to try something new in their lives…it’s quite a rush! 🙂

Enjoy the moments

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