Publishing a Planner

Well, I’m busy putting together a planner for people out there to use that includes certain habit trackers, birthday tracker and many more. It’s been quite a lot of fun doing it, but when I’m done, that’s when the hard part starts.

I am going to publish it as a ringbinder as it makes using the planner a lot easier than if it was in book form. Now, that’s were the problem begins because no one publishes ringbinders the way they do books. You have to buy stock upfront and get it sold yourself. So if you don’t get everything sold, you then lose money.

I am excited to get it done, but still investigating the best printing and binding options. Then I need to approach places to get it sold…the joys of self-publishing.

I was thinking of using the below image for the front cover…


I hope that you all have a wonderful week further

Enjoy the moments

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