Mosaic Tray

Well, I decided to mosaic a blank tray that I had in the kitchen. To be honest, it wasn’t a blank that you would buy from a craft shop, it was an actual oak tray that I bought at a large grocery store. The tray, unfortunately, got a little damaged and so I decided to make it feel glamorous again.

First, I painted the outside of the tray and the handles and sides so that I didn’t have to try and do it after I had done the mosaic.

Secondly, I started gluing the tiles in the way that I wanted them to be in until I had filled the whole inside of the tray.

Thirdly, I left it over night for the glue to dry and then mixed the grout. I mixed it a little at a time so that I didn’t waste and I made it much like the consistency of toothpaste. I then used either my fingers (yes, you read right) or a credit card or a rubber icing applicator to add the grout to the tray. I used my fingers so that I can get into the corners, as my tiles were different heights to each other.


Fourth, I took a relatively damp sponge and wiped off excess grout as it will be more difficult to clean off once the grout has dried completely. It’s at this point that I really have to try and not be OCD and keep wiping the tray ‘clean’ because I will end up messing the grout up completely (been there, done that), so I have to actually back away slowly at this point and let the tray dry over night. Once the tray was dry, I could then wet the sponge and clean the grout powder off the tray properly and then I used a soft dry cloth to dry it. I then decided to fill it with Glass Glo, but didn’t realize that I would need at lease 3 sets of the Glass Glo in order to fill this tray properly. Due to me only having 2 sets, there are spots that are missing Glass Glo, but I don’t have a problem with that as the tray is going onto the wall in the kitchen and you can hardly see the open spots. The finished product up close looked pretty awesome (if I must say so myself). I was one proud crafter 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you try it yourself, please let me see the outcome, I would really love that. You can leave a comment and picture on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or here on my blog.

Hope you have a lovely evening further

Enjoy the moments

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