Planning your days

Planner crazy…

Do you love planning as much as I do? If you do, then you know that you prefer most of your life being organized and written down. This helps keep track of the things we’ve done and what we still need to do.

I know a lot of people that write in their planner in pencil so that if they don’t get something done, then they can just rub it out, no harm, no foul. You then think that no one will see that you weren’t perfect (I know, I was one of them) but seriously…who is going to be looking in your planner to see what you did or didn’t get done, besides you, I mean? I think we are way to hard on ourselves sometimes and our planners should only be there for us to be organized for ourselves, not for other people. So, I decided to start writing in bright colours in my planner just to prove a point to myself and yes, I have crosses next to stuff I didn’t get done (oh the horror!) and yes, tip-ix was my best friend for a while, but I eventually gave myself a good talking to and made peace with the crosses. I still use tip-ix, but that’s just to make it neat. You can even add an ‘xox’ to your ‘x’ and then you could be sending yourself some love instead of seeing a blaring ‘X’.

I created a planner to suit my needs and I then decided to share it with people and I’ve been told by people that have bought it, that it really works well for them (they were friends and family, so not sure if they being biased, haha). I know that I love my planner though and it was not too easy creating the pages, but well worth the effort. There are 530 pages which include the daily planner pages

and I’ve included weekly planners and monthly planner pages. I’ve also included the ever popular ‘Online Tools’ pages (bless whoever first came up with that idea!)

As you know, I’m a writer, so I’ve added some writing tools to assist, like a writing tracker.


Also included is a birthday tracker and mood tracker.

I have brought the price of the planners a bit down because I know life is a bit tough out there and they are now going for R295 per planner.

To place your order, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. Please show me some love if you are enjoying the planner and comment below.

That’s it from me for now

Enjoy the moments

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