This is me…my journey

A Closer look Behind the Scenes

As you may know, I had my poetry book published with the title ‘This is me…my journey’.

Poetry Book post 4

I have been enjoying the comments and questions I’ve received about it, and people seem to be interested in how it came about, what was my inspiration, am I going to do another one and do I actually love poetry not done by me?

I will attempt to answer your questions. Well, how it came about was that I had a wonderful English teacher in High School by the name of Mrs. Dil-Franzen (I mention her in the dedication). She noticed that I had talent and I enjoyed poetry, so she nurtured it. She even used to spend her breaks with me, going through the poetry I wrote (and it wasn’t even for school). She is also the reason I love reading and writing. She only taught me for a year but impacted my life tremendously and I’m extremely grateful for that. A few of the poems in the book are what I did in school with her guidance. The other poems are all written over different times of my life, showing what my emotions were at that point. They are very personal and that’s why I said it would be like reading my journal.

The other question was about my inspiration. A lot of the poems were inspired by specific events happening in my life, but I can tell you that I am most creative when it’s cloudy and cold. I love the cold and my creative juices flow when it’s cold…rain is even better.

The next question was if I am going to do another poetry book. I can’t really answer that question with a definite answer. I can tell you that I am busy writing fiction and I’m on the first book of my four-part series called the Serendipity series. The book’s name is ‘Iridescent’. Most of my poetic license now goes into lyrics for my songs, so in a way I am writing poetry, I’m just adding music to it (hehe).

Poetry Book post 3

The last question was if I actually love poetry not done by me and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’! I may not always understand all the poetry I read and sometimes I interpret it differently from how they did when they wrote it, but to me, that is all part and parcel of the imagery of poetry. It’s so awesome because of what it means to you. I will do some short blogs on some of my favourite poems so that you can get a glimpse of what I like.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look behind the scenes. Please show me some love and comment below.

Poetry Book post 1

For you to buy my book, you can get it on Amazon.

Enjoy the moments,

Ondeane   xox


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