10 Stationery items that I love

I am terrible when it comes to a stationery shop (and a book shop I might add), because I love stationery. I feel like a child in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory when I’m in a stationery shop and it takes me every single ounce of will power not to go absolutely mad in the shop and just start buying everything.

I thought I would share my obsession with you and give you a little view of what I love. Please note that some of the photo’s I took in a shop, holding the product as mine may be almost finished and no longer have the packaging. I also could not go and buy all of it again as I would not have money for food and like I said…will power…every single ounce.

  1. I love my Swarovski pen that is also a memory stick. This pen is stunning and I got it as a gift from my Mom. You will see that it has Swarovski crystals in the top piece of the pen and the bottom part is a mother of pearl white. These you usually need to get from a Swarovski shop themselves, so you would need to find your closest one. I know that we have one in Sandton City.
Stationery I love blog post 2
  1. I love post-it’s of all kinds. Different sizes and colours and shapes. I love adding them into my journal and my prayer room. I think that they bring colour to anything that you busy with. You can get these at any Pick ‘n Pay, CNA or PNA and probably at some Craft shops as well, oh and also the Crazy Store.
  1. I love the transparent, fluorescent post it sticky note tabs that helps you keep your place or that you can use as dividers. You also get the paper ones that are in an arrow form…love these too as they help me keep my place, even when doing Bible study. You can also get these at any Pick ‘n Pay, CNA, PNA Craft shops and the Crazy Store as well.
20180526_095019 (1)
  1. I obviously cannot forget to mention my Task planner that I created. The only difference with mine is that I added mine into my Filofax (I had to punch them myself, it was nerve wrecking!). I can’t operate properly without my Filofax and Task planner as this helps me organize my life. You can get this by ordering it from me on my ‘Contact me’ page.
  1. These A5 Notebook’s that have 120 pages in it and have 5 dividers and it wire bound that I bought from Pick ‘n Pay. I currently have two of these. One I use for my writing journal and the other is used for my Social Media Marketing planner. They are so pretty and practical.
  1. I am a person that loves colour and I enjoy using felt tip pens. There are different makes but a lot of them are very expensive. I found two sets at Pick ‘n Pay that I really love using. The one set has a felt tip pen on one side and a matching Koki on the other side. The photos are below, in case you would like to get your own. You will see that they are quite cheap and I like their quality (no, I’m not being paid for this review, haha, you’re welcome Pick ‘n Pay).
  1. I love using highlighters, for obvious reasons…colour…highlights…colour (hehe). I have the ones below, but you can get these at any shop that would sell stationery. I can’t really remember where I got these, but most likely Pick ‘n Pay (blushing).
Stationery I love blog post 5
  1. Exam pads are very useful for me because I write my diploma notes down and I go through about two a month due to this. I also use it to write idea’s down and for when I need to make a note of something that I don’t want to write in my Filofax. You can get these at any shop selling stationery as well.
  1. My Calligraphy pen is also one my loves in stationery because I love writing in Calligraphy. My pen is quite old, but I think I remember getting it from PNA, but I’m pretty sure you can get it from any stationery shop. Maybe not the same one, but something similar.
Stationery I love blog post 1
  1. I love pretty stickers that I can use in my planner and in scrapbooking. These just liven up my life and make everything look so much prettier. You can get these basically any store selling stationery and scrapbooking items.
20180526_093724 (1)

That is as far as I’m going to go with this list, but I will add a photo of my pen and special Koki holder that I made myself, many years ago. I also used to buy a lot of stationery when I used to not use my will power and I created labelled boxes for all of this stationery and I’ve added a photo of that below as well (yes, I’m slightly psycho with stationery and being organized)

If you have any stationery fetishes, drop me a comment and let me know about them. We can be psycho together. Please show me some love and comment below. If you enjoy what you see, please follow me for more features.

That’s it from me for now…

Enjoy the moments

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