My Story – Part 3

This is my final post for the short story about me and what I have gone through in life and how I have made it out on the other side.

Now, while I was going through a divorce, I felt very lonely in the small town I was living in and felt that I couldn’t speak to anyone because the friends we had belonged to both of us and I didn’t expect them to choose. Due to this, I went online and tried to find a chat site for meeting friends and not for dating only. I found a site immediately and it just stuck out to me and they had discussion forums and you could make friends and I thought that this would be great to meet some friends and talk to people that don’t know me and if we get along very well, then we could meet when I moved to Joburg. I was not looking for a relationship

Well, I met all kinds of people. Some were a bit scary and some were quite awesome. I chatted to some girls and when I moved to Joburg, I actually went partying with one of the friends I met. I also met this wonderful man that used to make me laugh so hard that when people heard me, they thought I was high. I couldn’t wait to meet him. At first, when we started chatting, we were just friends having fun and playing games and joking, but as time went on, we became closer and started calling each other as well.

I then moved to Joburg just after my divorce which happened to be on the 4th of July (my independence day). Not long after being there I got to meet this guy that had made my dark days very bright and that knew how to make me laugh again. We hit it off immediately and almost just as immediately, we started dating. Now, this was definitely not something I was looking for. I was looking forward to my freedom and decorating my place the way I wanted to without having to ask permission and to be able to go out without asking permission, like I had always had to do in the past.

Well, imagine my surprise when this man didn’t expect me to ask permission and if I was going on a ladies night, he encouraged me to have as much fun as possible. This man made me laugh so much that my poor daughter was shocked that her mother could actually laugh. She mentioned to me a few times that she had never seen me that happy before. We proceeded to date for almost 3 years before we got engaged.

I am now married to that awesome man (and yes, I call him ‘my awesome’). We have fun together as a family and we enjoy our household. People come and visit us just so that they can be in the calm of our home. We will be married for 3 years on the 11th of July and have been together for 6 years. He loves my Storm and tries to be a good step-dad to her. He was an answer to my prayers, and according to him, I was an answer to his.

I still get knocked down emotionally sometimes, but thanks to the love around me and the comfort of being loved as myself, I am able to work through the emotional pain with God and my family and make it out every time. People have asked me how I made it through everything, especially Alexis’ death and my answer is God, the love from my family, determination and resilience. I know that my beautiful little girl would not want me to be a sour, depressed and angry person, so I now try to make sure that I am not. I still miss her absolutely madly, but I know she’s with Jesus and that makes me happy.

I hope my story helps someone out there and I would really not mind being in email contact with you if you would like some advice or to chat about your life. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you.

Cropped us
Our wedding day

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That’s it from me for now…

Enjoy the moments

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