Our Namibian Vacation

Glorious Namibia

Our last vacation was last year and we decided to go visit my husband’s favourite place which is Namibia.

We drove through Botswana on our way to Namibia and decided to sleep just on the other side of the Botswana border in Namibia. We really enjoyed our holiday, but it was way too short. We will definitely go there again, no doubt about that.

The road through Botswana has a lot of donkeys walking across the road as well as other animals and it’s best not to drive at night as you might drive into them. We even saw warthogs (Pumba, ha ha), baboons and an array of different birds.


I got to take pictures of the sunrise which I was quite surprised my phone actually took.


The place we stayed on our way there was so beautiful and I found this beautiful tree that I took a picture of. They also had a mini zoo type place and I found these small owls. I was very close to stealing one…they were so cute!

We reached our destination and put our bags in our room. The view from our back door was quite amazing because it was miles and miles of dune and sand.


The dolphins in Namibia are smaller than the bottlenose dolphins here and we saw this when we went on a Catamaran cruise. While we were on the boat a seal came to visit and we even had a pelican come to be fed as well. It was awesome! There is a seal island, which was very loud.


We also went on four wheeler’s at Dune 7 and due to some misfortune, I came off my four wheeler as I came over the top of a steep dune and got flung off it. It rode over me and bounced on my head twice before riding itself all the way down the dune. It hurt like hell and I was in schock after that. I also couldn’t use my wrist too well and ended up riding on the back of the guides four wheeler. It looked so bad that my husband got the fright of his life. I have never seen him move so quickly in order to get to to me (which I only saw in the video). I made it through though and I’m still alive, ha ha. I had sand in places I never want to have sand again and it took me 3 months to get the sand out of my hair.


My husband and daughter decided to climb Dune 7 as well and it was quite amusing watching them go up. Due to my accident, I couldn’t join them, but I had a good laugh at them when they had to come down and Storm came down on her bum.


Namibia was the first holiday that my husband, daughter and I had been on together, in fact we hadn’t even been on honeymoon yet. My hubbie had asked if we can renew our vows and we decided to do it in Namibia on the beach. It was winter and the wind was blowing, so not the best idea because we froze, but still an awesome experience.

Namibia holds a special place in  my heart because it was so beautiful and peaceful there. And most of the people as so friendly. We will definitely go again.


That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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