My writing space

Well, to be honest, it’s my ‘everything’ space. I do all my work here, even my Graphic design and editing and social media marketing and so many more.

20180706_144636 (1)
20180706_144656 (1) (1)

On my board you will see I have the blue ‘Chapter’ cards where I’ve written what is going to happen in each chapter (a short overview) and I have pictures of The Isle of Skye which is there to inspire me.

On the wall, I have different infographics that help me with different aspects of writing and social media marketing, for example, ‘Create more conflict’, ‘Words to use instead of ‘very”, ‘280 different ways to say ‘said” and a few others.

On the desk in front of me, I have paperclips, highlighters and stationery in general. I also have a non-UV lamp, my USB hub, my mouse, a pad of paper, as well as other nick nacks.

This is where I create and where I spend most of my days. It’s quite dusty sometimes (because I live on a plot) but I love my little space. I could use a more comfortable chair though (ha ha).

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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