The most valuable writing tips I’ve received

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Well, there are so many that I can hardly keep up with all of them. There are so many talented writers out there that are willing to share their knowledge with you. One of those writers is Stephannie Beman, I had asked for advice on a blog called ‘Self Published Authors Helping Other Authors‘ and Stephannie actually mailed me back. I had asked if it’s normal to be charged thousands of Rands in order to have your book published and she came back to me with the following advice:

If a company starts asking you for a lot of money to publish a book then it is most likely a scam or overpriced service you don’t need.

It is very easy to publish your book with little out of pocket cost and you get to keep all your rights. You can upload your book to places like Createspace and Lulu for print books and pay nothing to do it. They might take a percentage when someone purchases the book but it’s not a lot.

I would save your money for things like an editor or proofreader, formatter, and book cover designer over paying someone to publish your book with so many free opportunities.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

I thought that she was the nicest person on this planet for actually bothering to mail me an answer and to give me advice. Createspace then became my publisher. The next writer that helped me was a woman named, Lorna Faith. I got her book which was free at the time, called Write and Publish your first book. You would need to get this book for yourself in order to help you as there was a book full of information that helped me.

Another writer that gave valuable advice was Nick Stephenson and I got some free material from him too, that helped me on my way.

Now, all four of these writers still inspire me and give me valuable information and I am truly grateful for each of them. I now try and answer other aspiring writers that think the task is too daunting in order to show them that being an Indie Author is not as scary as they think it is.

Thank you to those wonderful writers that helped me along the way, I am grateful for you.

That’s it from me for now…

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