My Ultimate Goal as a Writer

As a writer, I have goals and dreams for my writing, just like any other writer out there.

For me…I would like my books to get out there and become very popular (like Twilight popular). Yes, it’s reaching high, but dreaming big is what life is all about.

I would like them to make movies of my book series (yes, like Twilight…again). And then I can go on location while they shooting and be a part of all that awesome.

My dreams include book signings all over the world, television interviews and the red carpet.


I know that I’m dreaming big, but I’d rather dream big and get half of that, than dream small get that. The sky is the limit! I believe people are their own inhibitors. Only you can stop yourself, so don’t be the one to get in your way. Reach for the stars even if it’s cliché, it’s still awesome!


Today’s blog is a short one, so that’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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