My writing process


How do I keep organized?

I am generally quite an organized person…in fact, I’m quite a pain about it. I can’t think straight if things aren’t organized.

In order to know what’s going to happen in each chapter, I have blue cards with the chapters on up on the board in front of my laptop. As I finish a chapter, I tick it off.  I do kind of the same thing when I’m doing editing for someone. I print their chapters and everything I have to fix in their book and I tick off as I finish something. If I don’t finish off editing a chapter, I write down the page I ended on in pencil.

In order to now how much I have written a day, I write down how many words I end on and the next day I write the new amount below. I then subtract the old amount from the new one and I write that into my writing tracker. I try and write 1500 words a day at least.

I do not edit my work while I’m writing and only edit it once I have finished writing the whole book. This way, my creativity does not get interrupted. Once I have finished my first draft, I go through it and add more embellishment. When that’s done, I check spelling and grammar and then I hand it over to beta readers. When they have given it back to me, I check the comments that they have made, fix what I need to and then publish it.

For any idea’s that I get at any point, I have a writing journal for. I do not write on little pieces of paper that get left everywhere. In this way, I do not lose my ideas into a black-hole.

How do you keep organized?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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