Struggles I face as a writer

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Many of the struggles I face comes down to time and spending enough time writing. This is a struggle I still fight with on a daily basis because life always takes over and sometimes I don’t get to do what I want to do because something else has been thrown into my way.

And if I don’t get it right, I usually end up reprimanding myself horribly and feeling very bad that I didn’t get to everything. I then have to remind myself to breath and try again tomorrow.

I think that sometimes I’m a little to harsh on myself and I expect myself to work all the time, otherwise I’m deemed as lazy. I’m not sure where I got this type of thinking from, but I’m pretty sure it’s okay to relax sometimes…but I don’t. I’m busy from when I get up in the mornings, till when I go to bed at night.

Something that I’m also having a problem with lately is getting myself to actually keep going. I’m not sure if I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out from working all the time and then added stress of finances, that I try not to stress about because God is in control, but somehow I do still stress a little and then have to ask for forgiveness for doubting. Ha ha, it’s quite the mess.

But, I can tell you that every now again, I get a moment of extreme clarity and it’s those moments that I wait for because they are awesome. Do you know what I mean? That moment when it feels like the light just went on, and not just a light, but a spot light and you can suddenly see so clearly. I love those moments.

What do you struggle with in your life?

Well, that’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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