What’s been up…

Lately, I have had a few things happening in my life and I have to admit that it’s swallowed up some of my writing time.

The worst thing that has happened has been that my grandmother passed away on the same day my grandfather (and her husband) landed up in the hospital from crushing his hip bone. I lived with her when I was younger and my mom was trying to keep us afloat and I learned so many things from her. Things that I put into practice now and some that I don’t (haha).

I also remember all the little sayings that she used to say to me, one of them being an Afrikaans saying, which says ‘Vroeg ruip, vroeg frot’. For my English follower friends out there, that don’t know what that means, it means ‘Early ripe, early rotten’ (that’s directly translated). If I have to put it nicely in English, it means that if you become a ‘woman’ to early in your life, you will no longer be desirable when you’re older because you will basically be used up.

Anyhoo…I also went on strike against myself this weekend. I work 7 days a week and don’t really allow myself time to relax, so this weekend I did a lot of relaxing and very little work (although I did redo my business cards and did some sewing). I just vegetated on the couch and watched movies like Twilight (for the thousandth time, ha ha).

I found some more beautiful pictures of rain and clouds and lightning, no surprise there. I’ll share one below. These are my motivation.


I also watched my favourite YouTubers do their thing. I’ll be doing a blog about who they are and why I flow them at a later stage *wink wink*.

Oh, and I finished a book as well…so I was productive while not being productive…if that makes any sense.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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