Books About Writing That Helped Me

Reader Magnets by Nick Stephenson

Reader Magnets cover

I loved this book! In fact, Nick has done many things that are helpful to new writers and even experienced writers. I would strongly suggest you go have a look at his site and get your own FREE copy of his book here.

He is passionate about helping writers and I for one appreciate all the work that he does. He is also a writer of crime thrillers, for those of you who like that genre and don’t write books.

Write and publish your first book by Lorna Faith

Write and publish your first book cover

This book helped me with so many things too. Lorna also has a passion to help new writers, but she also writes historical adventure romances, so if that’s your genre, then go have a look. You can go have a look at her site and you can get your FREE copy of her book here.

That’s it from me for now…

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