From the desk of Ondeane – September 2018

Author Blog - From the desk of Ondeane

I have to admit, my life is not all that busy with very interesting things like book launches and book signings (yet), but I can inform you of what’s is happening in it currently anyway.

I have been putting off getting stuck into my MailChimp account and getting it set up and I keep making excuses of why I can’t do it, but no more! This is my challenge for October. I know I’m probably making it worse than what it actually is and should just put my big girl panties on and get on with it. Challenge accepted, self!

I am also almost done editing my friends book. In fact, this week it should be done and then I can start with the book cover. I told her that I would give her three to choose from. For me, this is the fun part of our agreement.

Once I’m done and the book is published, I will do an interview with her and you can get to know the book that I had been editing. I have to warn you though, it’s going to be a tear jerker, so get those tissues ready before hand. I will say though, this is a book that anybody can read…and I will leave it at that before I give anymore away before the interview.

I am also still busy writing my book ‘Iridescent’ which I am really enjoying as I’ve been adding some new dynamics to it. I am aiming to be finished with the first draft by the end of October and I’m hoping to start sending it out by February 2019. My excitement is tangible.

I have finally got a good price on the printing of my 2019 Planners and I am able to sell them for almost half the price of the 2018 planner. Those are available to order for R190 each (excluding delivery costs). I am quite proud of these planners and the best part is that the 2019 planner will be in colour! Beaming!

My daughter is currently writing her Term 3 tests and I am invigilating and then I have to mark them, which I will be doing on the 1st of October and then pulling her assessment. She is going to her dad for the holiday and for her 17th birthday, so I will be missing her very much from the 4th of October but I am very glad she’s getting to see her dad because she hasn’t seen him in quite a while.

I just finished doing the artwork design for the flyers for my tutor centre and I am quite proud of them. It’s awesome to hold them in your hand and see what you accomplished. I will be handing those out to crèche’s, pre-primaries and schools in my area in the next week. I have asked the Lord to bless them.

I am busy with a few other things, but I think that would be over share (ha ha)

So, that’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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