My Top 5 Favourite Movies and Why

Well, this is a difficult subject because I love a lot of different movies. But, I will try and choose my top 5 favourites and share them with you. They are in no particular order.

The Vow movie
  1. The Vow

This movie is stunning to me! I love the way they love each other before the accident. The fact that they embrace each others weirdness and don’t expect the other person to change to suit them. I love their actual vows in the movie (I even used it as my vows when I married my hubbie). I think they epitomise what the movie is about. I also love how he holds onto her after the accident and then, how she finds her way back to him. What makes it the best, is that it’s based on a true story, which means that love is real out there! Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

Twilight movie
  1. Twilight

Yes, I’m a Twilighter…no judging. I really love the first movie the most. The reason for this is not because the others aren’t good, because they are, but because I love the way they look at each other in this movie. I love the part where he tells her that she’s like a drug to him (swoon) and how they close up on their eyes and the intensity between them. Just awesome!

The Other Woman movie
  1. The Other Woman

Well, this movie is hilarious! Just the thought that the wife became best friends with her husband’s mistresses is already a seriously weird dynamic and had me in stitches. The end also makes you feel good…when he gets his due. It’s the best!

War Room movie
  1. War Room

This movie helped me in a time that I needed it. It spoke to me on so many different levels and I would recommend it to anyone. It teaches you about prayer and about leaving your spouse or people in your life to God because it’s not your job to fix them. Brilliant!

Facing the giants movie
  1. Facing the Giants

I have watched this movie so many times that I’ve lost count. This is a brilliant movie about faith and trusting in God to deliver what He promises to deliver in the Bible. I watch it every time I’m feeling or a bit low or need a reminder. Wonderful movie!

What are your favourite movies?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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