My top 5 favourite YouTubers


I have grown quite addicted to watching certain people on YouTube, in fact, I get super excited when they upload a video and I get notified…it makes me so happy! It’s really the small things…ha ha!

Anyway, I thought I would share my top 5 favourite YouTubers with you in their order of being my favourite. I will tell you why and I’ll link one of their video’s too. Please note that their names will also link you to their channel as well.

  1. Zoe Sugg and Zoella

This is the same person, for those that don’t know her. I am addicted to watching her. She’s like the friend I don’t have here and I imagine she’s talking to me, and when her and Mark start laughing together, I feel like I’m right there laughing too. I watch her because she’s a lovely person and I can tell this from the way her friends love her. She’s generous and talented. Her journey to where she is now in life is awesome and I wish she would do a book about it. I can’t wait to get her latest book, Cordially Invited, when it’s available in South Africa. She is a ray of sunshine, even on her down days.

2. PointlessBlogVlogs and just PointlessBlog

I like watching Alfie because he’s sweet and has fun with his video’s. He talks to the camera so comfortably. I also love watching him and Zoe together because they make such a cute couple. He seems like such a nice guy, but also a little naughty, which is always a good thing in my book.

3. Kristina Kuzmic

This woman is hilarious! Her vlogs make me laugh so hard sometimes and I love her content. She puts it together in such a clever and fun way. She is an inspiration to all moms out there that think they doing badly, but they actually not.

4. Katie Stauffer (Mila & Emma’s mom)

I love this channel because I love watching Mila and Emma. They are just the cutest little girls and I love how they are so good at what they saying, even if it’s the wrong  word, like ‘belax’ instead of ‘relax’. They are very entertaining and hats off to Katie for getting them to be bold enough to do it.

5. Jaclyn Hill

This lady is quite beautiful and I think she’s a beautiful person too, despite what people say about her. If she can laugh at herself and publicly apologize for a mistake, then she has my vote. I love watching her make up video’s and I think her palette’s are stunning. It’s a pity we don’t get them here (sad face).

So these are my top 5 favourites. I have many more that I really enjoy, but we will be here all week then, so I’m just doing five (ha ha). What are your favourites? Do you watch YouTube? And have you followed my channel yet? (Sneaky ad pushed in there *wink wink*)

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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