Interviewing Skye

A fictional interview with my main character


I decided to do a fictional interview with the main character of my book ‘Iridescent’, so that you can get to know her before the time.

The interview is as follows:

O: What made you move to Scotland?

S: Well, I saw a picture of it in a book once and I fell in love with how beautiful it is there. I also heard the weather is cold quite a lot and I love cold weather.

O: Do you think your mother is still alive?

S: I’m not sure, but I keep getting postcards from someone that says they her. I think someone might be messing with me.

O: What do you think of Indie?

S: He is gorgeous, illegally hot, but I would never tell him that though. I have to keep my heart on a leash. I’m going to make the mistake of giving it to someone again, just so that they can trample on it.

O: Last question for today…do you think Rain and Cole should get married?

S: I think that they should do whatever makes them comfortable. They are an awesome couple and they good together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married though, it’s almost as if they are already, just without the ‘living together’ part.

This was a little info about the book…a teaser, if you will. I hope you enjoyed it.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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