Iridescent Teaser

Author Iridescent Post

I thought I’d share a small part of chapter 1, just to whet your appetite (hehe).

Chapter 1, Page 1 and a bit

Staring out the window of the airplane, Skye wonders were life is taking her to. Up to now, she has been able to handle most of what life has thrown at her, but it had been getting more and more difficult. “Maybe Scotland will hold the key to my happiness,” she thought. Washington no longer held any future for her, that’s why she had to run. She literally felt like the walls were closing in on her. The hurt she felt, the betrayal, it still burned bright inside her chest…her heart broken in pieces. “I don’t know if you can bounce back from this one Skye girl,” she thought to herself. Oh no, she was talking to herself again, she was sure that this wasn’t a good sign. Even though Brad had broken her heart, all her friends seemed to take his side and all she had was her friends. Her family was no longer around. Her mother disappeared about a year ago and no one could find her, even the police stopped looking. Her dad left when she was 3, but she doesn’t know the details because her mom never wanted to talk about it. Her darling grandmother died 2 months before her mother disappeared, so she had no one, she had been shunned by everyone she knew and loved, left to fend for herself again. “Boy, are you feeling sorry for yourself. Lighten up, life will get better. Enough of this moping around, get a grip,” she reprimanded herself. And there she goes, talking to herself again. Skye looks up and sees someone eyeing her from the seat across from hers. The person looks concerned and a little freaked out. “Was I talking out loud again to myself?” she thought, but then she realized that she must have been pulling different faces while talking to herself, she was also doing weird and unusual things when she spoke to herself. Shame, the poor soul staring at her must have thought that she was placing a spell on them, most people do think that, I had to look away as I couldn’t help giggling to myself at the thought. Anyway, I hope it’s not busy in Scotland.

I hope you enjoyed the small teaser and that you’re also getting excited for my new book. I can’t wait to have it out there.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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