My 2019 Planner

When I decided to do this planner for 2018, I started quite late and only ended up being finished by December last year. So, this year, for the 2019 planner, I decided to start earlier and I began in June, but due to all the printers coming back to me more than a month later with their quotes and then me asking another printer which took another month and a half to come back to me, I ended up only being ready with it after September.

Next year I’ll start in January, but hopefully I will already have the printers that I will stick with on this which will minimize the time spent on trying to get quotes and the back and forward discussions on the printing and getting it print ready.

I have also been approached to do desk calendars and desk pads for 2020 by a large company, which needs to be ready in June 2019 already. This whole world has become quite exciting to me and I am loving every minute of it. I don’t enjoy arguing with printers, but I suppose that’s all part of being an author.

I have decided to add a bracelet as an optional extra, if you would like to give the planner and bracelet as a gift to someone. I am working on the bracelet and will share that with you soon. This means that I am mixing my talents.

I still don’t have a copy of my 2019 planner to brag with, but if you would like to order your copy, please let me know on the ‘Contact me’ page. I have added a few pictures of the 2018 pages below. The difference will be that 2019 is in full colour and the pictures will be different.

Author Planner ad with price

That’s it from me for now…

Please show me some love and comment below. If you enjoy what you see, please follow me for more features.

Enjoy the moments

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