Top 3 Facebook Pages for Readers to Follow


There are so many Facebook pages out there to choose from and there are pages that you can belong to if you’re a reader and you want to be informed of the latest books out there.

These are the top 3 Facebook pages that will help you keep up to date:

  1. Writers and Readers Unite

The page description is as follows:

Invite all of your friends to a place for authors and readers to come together—Please do not add people without their knowledge they will not be approved if you do.

Authors may post about their new books and readers may post reviews or comments. Poems and personal blogs post are welcome —commercial blogs, the latest news, or just photos of things having nothing to do with writing or books will be deleted and the poster banned. Anyone offering writer services, publishers, reviewers, book covers and such are welcome.

  1. Books, Blogs, Readers & Writers

The page description is as follows:

Welcome to Vowelor! It’s a family of Book Lovers Where all are welcome to share their experiences and love towards books. You can discuss the Book you are currently reading, or you can also ask for Book Recommendations if you are confused about “WHAT TO READ NEXT”. You can also discuss any author, genre of books, libraries, and bookshelves. You also share your creative Work as long as it comes under the Literature Niche. We put 100% Focus to provide Spam Free Environment to our Readers & Writes, for that, we have some rules to follow. Failure to follow rules results in removal from the group. 1) Keep it Simple and Friendly Environment: This is a Free Platform where Different People carry their different opinions on different Topics. The majority of the Group Members here are mature enough to understand and respect each other’s feelings in the Group. If you disagree or would like to debate, keep it clean. Don’t get nasty or mean, or the post will be shut down. 2) We do have promotional threads posted every weekend on which any group member can promote their Literature work or Book Links. We Understand that Authors Need Promotion So if you put it in a clean way and not dropping Links and just want to tell people about your Book, we can accept that sometimes. 3) GIVEAWAY: If you want to do any type of giveaway please contact any of the admins. 4)These are the overview of some of the Rules which you need to follow to avoid a Ban from the Group. You can read further PIN POST FOR MORE AMAZING STUFF ONCE YOU JOIN. “We are always ready to help, you are just one message Away :)” _______________________________________________ We are here to have crazy book lovers, amazing literary bloggers, avid readers and passionate writers, all in one place. Feel free to share your works (Literature), your reading experience… anything and everything related to LITERATURE! Happy Reading and Happy Writing!! 😃😃 ~ Vowelor

  1. Readers Coffeehouse

The page description is as follows:

Our motto is: Peace. Love. Books.

Friends, we are keepin’ it positive here at Readers Coffeehouse at all times. We do NOT allow negative comments about books or authors here. If you want to see negative reviews for a more balanced look at a book, go to Goodreads or Amazon.
We have hundreds of authors here who come by to chat and get book recommendations and we want RC to be a peaceful, safe place for them, too.
There is so much negativity in the world. Let’s keep Readers Coffeehouse the one place for positive comments, friendly chat, and a happy haven where we can share our love of books.
Also, marketing of books is ONLY allowed for the founding authors. Please do not market your books, business, website, reviews, etc.
You are so welcome here! We are delighted to have your company. Now let’s talk about books!

These should help you find what you’re looking for…and you can never be a part of too many helpful groups!

That’s it from me for now…

Please show me some love and comment below. If you enjoy what you see, please follow me for more features.

Enjoy the moments


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