Authors supporting Authors

Book launches at Skoobs

As Indie Authors, we try and support each other and help each other so that we can all grow in what we do and the money we make. One of the things that a lot of the authors do that are associated with Skoobs in Monte Casino, is that we go to the book launches of other authors, to give them the numbers and show that there’s an interest and where possible, we will buy their book as well.

We usually also share photo’s and their books on our social media pages and like me, on our blogs. All of this helps the other authors out there and it allows one to ‘pay it forward’.

I went to two book launches that were in the same week and thought I’d share them both on the same blog.

It shouldn’t happen to a lawyer by Nick Lambrianos

It shouldn't happen to a lawyer

This is a brilliant book about how a lawyer (Nick) decided to become a farmer and now a writer and his hilarious journey. The launch was a blast and we laughed so much it hurt! Below are some photo’s that I took.

20181129_192934 (1)
Deborah du Plooy from Skoobs
20181129_192941 (1)
Nick and his wife
20181129_192948 (1)
20181129_193000 (1)
Jacques de Villiers on the left is another Author (and motivational speaker) supporting Nick, and me on the right
20181129_193852 (1)
Nick Lambrianos telling us about his book
20181129_193854 (1)
20181129_201619 (1)
The Girls…from right to left; Me, Deborah du Plooy and Kim Hunter from Tango with text
20181129_202047 (1)
Nick busy signing books

Leadership Call by Max Moyo

Max has several books out and is also a motivational speaker and boy does he do that well! He had us riveted for the 45 minutes that he spoke about all his books and they are definitely worth the read!

20181130_181839 (1)
Max Moyo signing books for Deborah
20181130_181858 (1)
Right to left: Me & Max Moyo
20181130_184711 (1)
This lady sang and played an African instrument. It was lovely!
20181130_193433 (1)
Deborah introducing Max

Both of these authors books can be bought at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Monte Casino.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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