My journey through life in pictures

I thought I’d share some of my baby photos and teen photo’s with you to show how I changed in life. I think I was quite cute when I was young, I even had dimples πŸ™‚

Baby O 1
I am about a month old here and I’m with my Gran and Grandfather
Baby O 2
I’m here with my Mom, Dad and Great Grandfather
Baby O 3
It’s a bit blurry, but this is baby me
Baby O 4
One of the rare photo’s of me in a dress
Baby O 5
Posing for a photo…must be about 3 or 4
Baby O 6
I’m probably about 3 here
Baby O 7
Me at the circus
Baby O 8
At the Debutantes ball…I miss that figure πŸ™‚
Baby O 9
My Matric Farewell Dress that I designed
Baby O 10
Me on my matric holiday
Baby O 11
And this is me now…

One thing I can say and agree with over and over again, is that I miss my modelling figure. I would really like to get it back πŸ™‚

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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