The 2019/2020 Planner

I was able to print my 2019 planner at a PostNet, but I had to print it in black and white due to publishing issues…or should I say, finding a publisher that can print and bind the planner and not charge a fortune for it.

I started with this planner last year July already and due to the publishing issues, I was still not able to get it out there for the end of 2018 when most people buy their planners. I have decided to start work on the 2020 planner now already and am carrying on with trying to find a printer that can assist me.

I thought I’d share the photo’s of the 2019 planner that I printed in black and white (except for the covers, which are in colour).

Watch this space and I will be informing you if I get it right to find printers and binders for an affordable price and what the price of the 2020 planners will be.


That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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