3 Things Your Comfort Zone is Affecting in Your Life

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Everyone is quite well acquainted with their comfort zones, some people avoid them and others can’t get out of them. If you look at the second dictionary meaning of comfort zone, namely; a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results. You realize why comfort zones can be dangerous to your dreams.

I know of some people who can’t move out of their comfort zones that think that people who constantly push themselves out of their comfort zones are adrenaline junkies because it is so stressful to be in a new and unknown situation where you could fail. The problem with a comfort zone though is that you may think that you’re happy and safe, but eventually, it sucks the happiness out of your life. In order for you to accomplish your dreams, discover your passion, or find real happiness, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Why do we stay safely within our comfort zones? Well…quite honestly, one of the reasons is laziness. You are too lazy to use the energy it would take to move out of it. You don’t realise though, that staying will eventually use a lot more energy when you have to try and convince yourself that you are actually happy (when you aren’t). Another reason is fear. People are scared that the discomfort they feel when they step out will far outweigh the discomfort they currently feel by their discontentment.

There are 3 things that staying in your comfort zone is busying affecting in your life and those are:

#1 You don’t try new things

Trying new things is how we learn what we like, hate, love and feel passionate about. We learn to do new things and we learn new skills. This will increase our sense of self and pride in ourselves. However, if you don’t try new things, you will be a shell of yourself and not learn what makes you tick or what pushes you to your edge and you will never have that sense of pride that you accomplished something new.

There are some lucky people that discover what they passionate about at a young age, but this is only a hand full of people. Others need to experiment with different things and see what works the best for them and what makes them the happiest.

#2 You don’t grow

This goes hand in hand with trying new things because when you try new things, you will grow as a person and in your skills and abilities. Growing is about moving forward or upward and if you sitting comfortably within your comfort zone, you won’t be growing because you already know everything in that zone…that’s why you’re comfortable.

#3 It is teaching you to settle for less than the best

Settling is the worst thing that can happen in your comfort zone. Think about what we teach our children. We don’t teach them to settle for whatever comes their way or that they should not strive for better and just settle for what they have. We don’t tell them to settle for a spouse instead of finding the correct person that will make them happy. No! We don’t! We tell them to reach for the stars. There are no stars in your comfort zone. You should never settle!

The worst thing that happens to people that fear leaving their comfort zones is that they may get offered something great, a great opportunity perhaps, but due to them being fearful of leaving their little comfort zone boat, they don’t ever step out into that opportunity and make their lives brilliant!

Don’t let your fear of leaving your comfort zone stop your life from being iridescent or brilliant! Let yourself shine and step out of the comfort zone boat. Trust me, the first step is always the hardest. Learn, grow and never settle for anything less than the best! You deserve it.

I hope you make magic happen in your lives and this post helped you get a step closer to finding your magic.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments


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