Interview with Kim Hunter from Tango with Text

And Touch and Learn

Kim Hunter Profile Picture

A short bio on Kim:

Kim Hunter has combined her passions for crafting and reading into Touch and Learn, Handcrafted for Children, a company producing felt books and other products for young children. Her love of reading has led to her helping authors make their books the best they can be through Tango With Text along with founding the Schools Reading Road Show with a group of children’s book authors to inspire children to read. When not crafting or reading, she can be found walking her dogs in the park or attending book launches by local authors.


Q1: What is your productivity kryptonite?

A: Pinterest!! I love looking for ideas, and I can spend HOURS trawling on Pinterest.

Q2: What is it that you do?

A: I make and sell felt books, felt boards and themes for the under 6 age group.  The eCommerce store also sells print books by South African authors. I also coach and help self-published authors make their books the best they can be and of course, I am part of the Schools Reading Road Show which takes authors into schools to try and encourage children to read.

Q3: What are you passionate about?

A: Encouraging people to read. This is one sure-fire way to gain the knowledge you need throughout your life – so…..READ!

Q4: Where would you love to live one day?

A: My dream is to live in a motor home travelling across countries (and there are many that cater to this). Just meandering, stopping and getting to know people and exploring their cultures.

Q5: What is a short overview of a ‘day in the life of Kim’?

A: I usually wake later in the morning (because I am more creative at night), have coffee and feed the dogs. Then it is into the work routine of checking, packing and sending orders, marketing and social media. After dinner, I might bake or create but just generally relax until about 10 pm which is when the ‘I must try that’ bug steps up and keeps me awake until the early hours of the morning.

Q6: What is your favourite animal?

A: Mmmmmm this is a hard choice for me, but I am going to go with a pet-type animal, which is of course, a dog.

Q7: Is there anything that you regret in your life?

A: I regret not seriously starting my business sooner, but there is a caveat! I believe that everything happens in the right time and at the right place, so I guess this is not really a regret after all.

Q8: What makes you tick?

A: Being creative makes me tick. It can be anything from drawing (which is still in the stick figure phase) to building furniture. Big or small, any creative project fuels my energy.

Q9: What makes you livid?

A: Animal abuse

Q10: What piece of advice can you give a new author out there?

A: Go for it and just NEVER stop. Join the Indie Author Networking Facebook group and mix with other authors – this is a wonderful way to grow.

If you would like to find Kim and her different avenues of work, you can find her at the following places:

For Touch and Learn:

Facebook: @TALhancraftedbooks

For Tango with Text:


Twitter: @tangowithtext


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