Model of the Month #3

April 2019

Storm is my model of the month for April 2019. This lovely young girl has a stunning personality. She has a heart of gold and always tries to help where she can. Even though she is a teenager, she never really has those teenage moments and she’s a pleasure to have around. (And I’m not just saying it because she’s my daughter)

I chose Storm because I wanted someone with natural redhead beauty to model my jewellery for April.

She is a brilliant student and an even more awesome daughter. I believe the world is her oyster and she will accomplish great things in her life.

I have decided not to put the prices of the necklaces and only the names. You can find the prices of them with their blogs, either on this blog or the Osa-Belia Jewellery blog (but not for long).

Summer Field, Necklace


Summer Bouquet, Choker


October Birthstone, Tourmaline, Necklace

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January Birthstone, Garnet, Necklace

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December Birthstone, Turquoise, Necklace

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February Birthstone, Amethyst, Necklace


Crystal Ring


November Birthstone, Topaz, Necklace

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Valentines Day 2019, Necklace


Friendship Sandals, Necklace


Peacock Feather Colour Palette, Bracelet

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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