5 Tips to Layering Necklaces

To some, layering necklaces might seem like an unattainable skill, but if you follow the steps supplied, you will see that it is quite attainable. I have also always been mystified by the layering of necklaces and have always wondered if I’m doing it correctly, so I decided to go in search of this information and thought I would share it with you.


1. According to the above site ‘Who What Wear’, she showed a picture of the various lengths in inches. The formula is apparently 14” bar necklace + a 15” dainty necklace + a 16” crystal necklace + a body chain.

Now, not all of us can wear body chains (like me currently) as I’m large and would need way too much chain (blush), so if you are like me or you don’t enjoy the body chain, then you can just wear a necklace that is 24” or 30” long and it can be chain, rope, beads or a tube necklace.

2. Out of all the sites I looked at, it seems that the most popular layering formula is 14” + 18” + 20” + 30”. Now, my necklaces look a lot like this formula, but I don’t really wear chain, I wear rope and I have a plectrum, gemstones and crystals as my first layers and then my 30” layer is usually one of my chunkier necklaces. I do switch it up from time to time, but this is usually what I go for.

3. You no longer need to feel fearful of wearing more than one or two necklaces at a time, you can add a few of your necklaces together as this seems to be the new big thing (again) these days. Layering your necklaces and especially certain necklaces, gives you a Bohemian look and that seems to be all the rage these days (and why not? Boho is awesome!). This trend belongs to the eclectic, eccentric and beautifully adorned neck. You can have fun with coming up with the most quirky, fun and cool pairings. Even though there are guidelines given to how to layer your necklaces, these are basically just guidelines and you can become creative in how you want your layers to look.


4. As seen on the above site, you can even layer your more chunkier pieces together and this works very well too. But once again, you can also use your own creativity and style with this as well.

5. They say that your neckline can tell a story about who you are and I believe this for anything that you wear and I have seen it said that if you have a few dainty strands of gold wrapped around the neck, paired with a delicate script initial charm hanging at mid-chest length, it says ‘sentimental minimalist with an appreciation for finer things’. A turquoise necklace of beads swaying alongside a cleavage-hitting gilded coin or shell indicates a wanderlust spirit and recalls a nostalgia for warmer days. Whereas a party of pearls, hammered metal shapes and mismatched chains evokes an eclectic risk-taker with a penchant for finding treasures tucked away in off-the-beaten-path boutiques. All of these may be true, but I believe that it can say so much more about you too.

Now that you have a bit of a guideline, I hope you go out there and have loads of fun layering your necklaces and seeing what you can pair up and which fun layers you can come up with. To place your order of any of the necklaces I sell, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would love to hear from you and hear what you think and how you layer your necklaces, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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