Story behind the inception of…

Autumn Bottled

I was looking at all the Autumn colours and I wanted to incorporate the beautiful array of colours that I saw, into a necklace. I had to watch what types of beads I was going to put together so that they didn’t clash with each other.

Autumn Bottled R125 1

I had found the small glass vial and decided it would be different to add some actual Autumn leaves into the vial and then add some glitter that matches the colours in order to show off the magic of Autumn.

Autumn Bottled R125 4

It took a few tries before I got the effect that I was aiming for, but once I completed it, I was quite proud of the end result. The necklace is different to the norm, which will perfectly suit someone that doesn’t follow society and that loves the Autumn colours used.

Autumn Bottled R125 3

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