10 Tips to Styling Your Wardrobe with Accessories

There are so many things that you could do with your accessories and it could be the most fun you’ve had with your wardrobe. You need to learn to play with your jewellery and see what you like and what suits you.

I have put together a few tips that you can use when using accessories to style your outfit, but remember, they are just tips and you can always come up with your own as well.

  1. If you going big on your ears, then keep it small around your neckline. If you going big around your neckline, keep it small on your ears.
  2. Start long with your necklace layers and work your way upwards. Layering your necklaces also makes you look thinner and taller as it draws the persons eyes down the centre of your body.
  3. You can experiment by wearing different earring styles if you have more than one earring hole. If your earrings are large statement type earrings, you can even look at not wearing a necklace at all.girl-2306829_1920
  4. Even though pretty much anything goes these days and the trends are leaning towards the large and extravagant, remember that sometimes too much is just too much. vampire-827119_1280
  5. When choosing earrings, you need to remember that they frame your face and that they need to compliment, not only your face, but also the make up that you are wearing. You don’t want the two to clash with each other.
  6. Don’t be scared to mix your different metals either, meaning, you can wear gold and silver together and you can mix in a little copper as well.
  7. When you are getting ready for a normal day, an event, a date or just a night out with the girls, you need to decide what is the focus point…is it your jewellery or is it your outfit? If your outfit is the focus point, then your jewellery should not steal the focus and should be understated.
  8. Stacking rings can add more dimension to your outfit and your look. Using different textures, colours and gem stones will help you mix and match and make your hands look stunning and interesting.
  9. Even though it’s nice to know what’s happening with trends (because this is also what you will find in all the jewellery shops) it is a good thing not to be a slave to trends. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t wear it. That goes for jewellery, as well as clothes.
  10. When you’ve found your look, remember that you can change your mind. It’s not set in stone.

Remember that dressing up and getting ready should be fun, so you don’t have to follow the rules because let’s be honest…rules are not usually fun.

Necklace J025 R310.00 -J026 R195.00, Ring J040 R50.00, Earrings J023 R32.00,Bracelets J028 R35.00 -J029 R117.00 -J030 R35.00 -JJ005 R100.00

So, go out there and have some fun! Look at your accessories with new eyes and let your imagination go wild.

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