Jewellery trends for 2018

I have noticed that the jewellery trend for 2018 has not only gone more Boho than normal, but it has also gone quite chunky. People are currently wearing less and less dainty jewellery and they going for chunkier jewellery items.

Feathers are also a big trend at the moment and the more the merrier. If you look at Roma Designer Jewellery’s site, you will see that they give you ‘10 CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2018’.

One of the things they mention is ‘Long, long earrings’. I have noticed that this is definitely a trend and as seen on Jewellery Trends page, they show you these lovely long feather earrings…like pixie earrings. (Click on the picture to go to their site)


Even the rings are larger than usual (which is right up my alleyway…being a gypsy soul and all, haha). Some of these trends can be seen below. (Click on the picture to go to their site)


Another trend that I’ve noticed is that weird is in and normal is out. I have seen a few weird-looking jewellery on the catwalks. Layering is also a big trend at the moment and is especially seen in Boho items. Arm cuffs have also come back into fashion, like the one below. (Click on the picture to go to their site)


And then there’s the stackable rings worn on all, or some of your fingers. Below is a simple example, but you can click on the photo and it will take you the website, which gives you ‘21 Photos Of Stackable Rings That’ll Teach You How To Wear A Bunch At Once (Without Going Overboard)’


It is always interesting to watch the trends, how they come and go, but I have to admit that the Boho trend seems to be sticking. It’s been around for a long time already and it seems it’s going to be around for some time to come.

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong


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