Peridot – August Birthstone #2

Symbolizes married happiness


It seems that both of the August birthstones symbolizes married happiness.

This gem is a variety of mineral Olivine and is usually green and yellow-green. It was named in 1706 from an old French term of unknown origin. Normally, the greener stone is called a Peridot and the yellower stone is called the Chrysolite.

Even though it was known in biblical times, it’s source has been the subject of great speculation up until the 19th century. Although there were some stories about it, it has been found that the ancient source was the island of Zebirget, also known as St. Johns island, which is on the shore of the Red sea.

It was said to be used in the breastplate of the ancient high priest.

This necklace was made with actual Peridot tumbles gemstones, crystals, foil glass beads and glass slivers. The price is R140To place your order, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

August Birthstone - Peridot R140 1

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