Lovisa Rings vs Accessorize Rings

I am a lover of rings and I love to stack them as well. The problem is that I’m not a small person and quite often I can’t get rings to fit me, and oh, how I wish they would fit me!

I decided to do a small comparison between the rings of these two brands of jewellery and see how they would fair with my larger fingers.


There are some really stunning rings at Lovisa and thankfully, they do have rings that are adjustable. These work well for me.

Lovisa ring 1

Now, they do have the solid band rings as well and these are quite stunning, but they only fit me in Winter when my fingers are less swollen and that’s if I can find my size.

Lovisa ring 2

Then there’s the elusive ring pack. These rings almost always don’t fit me, even if I get the largest size. This is disappointing because I have seen some really beautiful ring packs.

Lovisa ring 3



Accessorize also has some beautiful rings, but not just a large variety to choose from. For instance, I am yet to find an adjustable ring in one of their shops. They do, however, have lovely plain rings like the Bamboo ring set below, but sadly, it doesn’t fit me.

Accessorize Ring 1

Their solid band rings are quite beautiful, but I see they go more for the understated look. The below Aria semi-precious stone ring is stunning, but also too small.

Accessorize Ring 2

Then, their ring stacking sets. These are also beautiful, but once again, too small.

Accessorize Ring 3

I have therefore come to the conclusion that for me, Lovisa would be a better place to shop for my rings, than Accessorize because I can find rings that actually fit at Lovisa.

I have also noticed that Lovisa is cheaper than Accessorize which does help with the savings.

What is your favourite shop for rings? Do you have the same problem that I have or are you a lucky one that can find their rings that fit easily.

If you would like to place an order for any of my own items of jewellery, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong


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