Model of the Month #1


Lana is my first model of the month, and she will be my October model. This lovely lady has a very good heart and radiates beauty and love on a daily basis.

I chose Lana because she is a natural beauty and you will see that this is a theme in my jewellery as well…natural beauty.

Lana is the mother of a beautiful little boy that is a little older than one and she is a wonderful wife to her husband.

You will be able to feel the warmth radiating from her photo’s, especially when she smiles.

Autumn love at R175

August birthstone #1 – Sardonyx at R95

May’s birthstone #1 – Emerald at R105

May’s birthstone #2 – Agate at R195

July birthstone – Ruby at R145

Blue Ocean Necklace at R120

Blue Winter Necklace at R110

June Birthstone – Moonstone at R315

Fruits of the spirit bracelet at R115

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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