Topaz – November Birthstone

Symbolizes fertility

Topaz tumbled stone

Today, the most common and affordable Topaz is produced in various shades of blue in a lab-controlled procedure. Clear and natural Topaz which is mainly from Brazil, is eradiated to a brown colour and then heated to make blue and is sold under names like ‘Swiss Blue’, ‘London Blue’ and ‘Sky Blue’. Good natural blue is rare as is the pink ‘Imperial Topaz’. Other varieties in the market are a smoky ‘Golden Topaz’ and the colourless one called ‘Silver Topaz’.

In earlier days, the name topaz had mainly referred to another gemstone which is now called Olivine which was extracted on an island which was then known as Topazos or St. John in the Red Sea. It may have also been given to other stones that were yellow and that were indistinguishable from one another without the adequate knowledge of chemistry and mineralogy.

Topaz was said to have been used as one of the stones in the breastplate of the ancient High Priest and it was also the ninth foundation stone in the wall of the new Jerusalem.

For the African bushmen, Topaz is considered quite precious as they use it in healing ceremonies and for connecting with spirits.

The turquoise Topaz is one of my favourite stones (obviously because of the colour, ha ha).

I was unable to get topaz for the necklace, so I have used stones to try and symbolize the topaz.

This necklace was made with glass foil beads, unknown gemstones and crystals. The price is R135To place your order, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

November Birthstone - Topaz R135 1

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