5 Ways to Handle Rejection

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Dealing with rejection can be tough and if you’re in the telesales industry or cold calling industry, you know exactly what I mean.

The main reasons a person rejects you is because:

  • They’re not ready to say yes yet.
  • They don’t see the value.
  • You’ve caught them at a bad time.
  • You’re dealing with the wrong person.
  • They genuinely don’t like you.
  • They can’t afford it

So, how do you handle rejection without crawling into a hole and hiding or lashing out? Well, here are 5 ways that you can handle it and remain confident:

  1. Be logical and not emotional

Emotions do have their place, but there’s a time when you should not be using them. If you logically look at the reasons a person would reject you, then you can put it in perspective instead of getting emotional about it and letting it upset you.

You need to remember the serenity prayer and only focus on the things you can change.

  1. Keep your focus on what matters

Rejection could make you want to have a pity party, but don’t do it. Those take time and time waits for no one. Don’t focus on the rejection, focus on your goals, dreams and priorities because those are way more important than the rejection you may face going through today.

  1. How good is your skill set?

Sometimes you may be rejected due to your skills. Make sure to keep your skills up to date and razor sharp. Always practice your skills and try and learn new ones in your field. This will also give you the edge.

If your rejection is not due to your skill set lacking substance, you should still keep yourself up to date.

  1. Check your attitude

If you have a bad attitude, people can pick it up immediately. Like Albert Einstein said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”. When rejected keep your attitude in check and you will be less affected by rejection. Focus on the fact that maybe something better is out there instead of the door that was just closed.

  1. Knowledge is power

If you are rejected, do not be afraid to ask why in a respectful way. Inform the person that you would like to know in order to work on the weakness. You will gain respect in this instance. Always seek to know where you can do better. If your knowledge is in a good space, then you will also be more confident.

If you know that your skill set and knowledge is up to scratch and that you are well suited to whatever you doing, then remember that the rejection may not be due to you and you can rest in the fact that you did your best.

Shake it off and move on. Don’t let rejection bring you to your knees and keep you there. Get back up and dust yourself off and keep going.

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