Gift Guide: Under R100

Original post done on the 8th of December 2018 for Osa-Belia Jewellery blog

I thought I would scour the shops and help you to find gifts that are under R100 for office Christmas Party secret Santa’s or if your family decides to do gifts for under R100. I used two shops that I enjoy going to and that is quite popular here in South Africa.

Let’s begin…

Under R100 1a

Total = R97.95

Under R100 2a

Total = R89.90

Under R100 3a

Total = R99.90

Under R100 4a

Total = R84.90

Under R100 5a

Total = R80.00

Under R100 6a

Total = R99.90

Under R100 7a

Total = R99.90

Under R100 8a

Total = R99.99

Under R100 9a

Total = R94.90

Under R100 10a

Total = R99.95

I hope this list helps you and if you would like to place your order for any jewellery, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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