Lapis Lazuli & Turquoise – December Birthstone’s

I am very late with this post, so I decided to do both birthstones in one post. I have been taking a little break, so my apologies for it being late.

1st Stone – Lapis Lazuli


Symbolizes prosperity

This is a rich azure-blue coloured stone, and it’s a combination of minerals, primarily lazurite and alcite, often with spangles of iron pyrites. The name comes from the Arabic word lazaward from which the English word ‘azure’ comes.

The best quality of the stone comes from Afghanistan. In 1271 Marco Polo discovered old lapis mines in Afghanistan and from there it was exported to Germany, China, Russia and India. The ancient Egyptians, who often used it for their seals and they probably obtained it from Afghanistan as well.

It is a royal stone and was revered both in ancient Egypt and in Jewish history, as it was probably the ‘sapphire’ on the high priest’s breastplate. For centuries powdered lapis was used as a pigment in oil paintings.

I unfortunately don’t have a necklace for this stone, but it is on my wish list because it’s such a stunning stone.

2nd Stone – Turquoise


Symbolizes prosperity

A pale blue, greenish blue or pale green opaque gemstone, sometimes permeated with brown stains from iron compounds. Turquoise was named in the 14th century.

The name of the gem apparently relates to the fact that it was brought to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean by Levantine traders, generally known as Turks. It was also found in neck wear and bracelets recovered from old Egyptians tombs, it has been valued as an ornament since ancient times.

It is sacred to the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, symbolizing strength and power. The stone is believed to enhance creative expression, peace of mind, communication, friendship and loyalty.

This necklace was made with the turquoise gemstone. The price is R80To place your order, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

December Birthstone necklace - Turquoise R80 1

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