How to be confident with colour

One thing that I’ve noticed is that most people seem to be quite scared of colour, I’ve noticed that bright, vibrant colours are avoided by most these days.


Indian wedding clothes are very colourful and are very bold. It is truly lovely seeing all the colour.


Tie dye is another beautiful way to be bold with colour. If you are a little Bohemian and have gypsy tendencies, then you probably already love tie dye.


For some of the brave ones, they even go bold with the colour of their hair. The problem with using fantasy colours in your hair, is that most companies don’t accept that.

I think that sometimes we need to embrace colour because life would be drab without it. If you think about it, doesn’t a meadow full of flowers look stunning? You need to care less and feel more confident in doing so.

Some people are scared to “stand out” or wear clothing that would possibly draw any kind of attention to themselves. It’s not about drawing attention, it’s about loving what you wear whilst having all the fun in picking your outfits.

Drop the whole “I wish I was confident enough to wear that” outlook and instead, embrace what I really truly want to wear. If this sounds familiar just take baby steps, start with some earrings you’ve always wanted to try, use a bright bold lippy, and then go bright and wear the thing you’ve always wanted to, match colours, clash colours, whatever it is you want to wear, go for it!

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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