The Osa-Belia Update – February 2019

This blog was originally done on my Osa-Belia Jewellery blog on the 8th February 2019
The Osa-Belia Update Title

I decided to do a New Year update for you (even though it’s already February, haha). I’m sure you would have noticed that I didn’t really blog during January and I had almost no social media posts and that was due to me deciding to do a little ‘social media detox’. I think it was good for me because now I feel more refreshed and able to think again. I’m sure for many other bloggers out there, you know the struggle of finding good content, and that goes for social media marketing as well.

To fill you in from my last blog update…I completed my friend’s book cover, editing and publishing for her and her book is now live on Amazon. I will probably be interviewing her for my author blog. I ended up not doing the music gig because I did not think that my voice was ready yet, as I have still not mastered ‘singing above the pencil’. Even though I do sing on YouTube, it’s more for me to do a kind of audio diary to see how I improve from where I’m currently at.

I am still very busy doing everything and enjoying all the creativity. In January I made a few necklaces and recorded a few video’s and took photos for blog posts and so forth. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also did quite a bit of shopping and bought a few things to spice up our bedroom. We also got some much-needed clothes and underwear.

For those that don’t know, I did a few diploma’s through Shaw Academy (19 in total) and I enjoyed every minute of it because I was expanding my knowledge base. I am now a Lifetime subscriber to Shaw Academy as well. Some of the courses that I did, involved photography and videography and I had the time of my life. I realized at this point that I LOVE photography. I always knew I enjoyed it, but when my youngest daughter passed away, I kind of drifted away from taking photographs, but when I did these courses, my love for it came crashing back! Now, all I want to do is take photographs, but alas, I only have my Smartphone to take photos. I have now added a DSLR camera onto my wishlist (even though they are about R8000 in SA) and I would like a telephoto lens (also about R8000 apparently) a macro lens and a fish-eye lens. I do realize that when I get these, I will probably go mad taking photos and drive everyone absolutely crazy, but I don’t care. I will be living the dream.

I have even taken a liking to flat lays and have been researching how to best do them. I have been enjoying myself with all the creativity that surrounds me.

I watched these videos on Facebook about a guy that does paintings on the street with spray paint and then lights it up every now and then and adds the different layers separately and I just realized once again how wonderfully talented and creative people are. Sometimes I stand in awe of the talent out there.

Anyway, I have been gathering content and I hope that you enjoy the jewellery that will be coming up in the future. If there is any content that you would like me to do, please leave a comment and let me know, I would love to hear from you.

That’s it from me today, I’m going to sign off here. Have an awesome day further!

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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