My Bead Organization

I like to have my life organized and if it’s not, I feel lost. I’m quite OCD when it comes to this and I feel like running away screaming when anything is not organized in my house. If you’re like me, then you’ll understand. I know the people that are not like that don’t really understand why we feel that way.

I thought I’d share how I organize my beads for anyone out there that wants to start beading to make money (or even as a hobby) and that wants to see how other people organize their beads and things. I have added some snapshots from the video here so that you can get a general feel for it, but if you want to see it properly and hear me talk through it, then you can click on the YouTube link below that will take you to my YouTube channel with the video.

Please could I ask that if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel as I need to start growing my viewer base **blush**. If you click on the bell notification button, you will be informed of when I upload a video.

Bead Organization Blog Pic 1
Bead Organization Blog Pic 2
Bead Organization Blog Pic 3
Bead Organization Blog Pic 4
Bead Organization Blog Pic 5
Bead Organization Blog Pic 6
Bead Organization Blog Pic 7
Bead Organization Blog Pic 8

For the South Africans out there, you can buy the plastic holders from West Pack. So far they are the cheapest ‘quality’ products that I’ve seen.

I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. Let me know what you do to store your beads and things.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong

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