The Mister Book Launch

@ Skoobs Theatre of Books, Monte Casino


This is a bit late, but what the heck. I went to The Mister book launch that was being held at Skoobs and it was an absolute blast! We had the owner of Lola Montez Boutique chatting to us as well as Gerry Pelser (the author of ‘Discovering Leigh’) show us two bondage methods with two volunteers from the audience (no, it wasn’t me..don’t look at me like that…put the handcuffs down please). We then had one of our fellow authors and motivational speakers (which I’ve interviewed on my blog before) named Jacques de Villiers read from the book. It was brilliant!

Skoobs had the books standing waiting, the staff standing ready and the seating area prepped for the people to arrive…and did they arrive! Skoobs was packed!

The two ladies from Skoobs, Deborah and Kirsten.

The owner of Lola Montez and Gerry Pelser

Some of the audience members.

Last but not least, Jacques de Villiers reading from the book.

Apparently, it took them a while to find a suitable part of the book that had the least amount of swearing and sex scenes in it for him to read from. Needless to say, it still had a little bit of a scene in it and while Jacques was reading it, he went different shades of red. We all laughed so hard that some people almost fell of their chairs laughing and some had to run to the toilet because they almost wet themselves. He was looking more and more uncomfortable as he went. Thankfully, because of my friend Kim Hunter which was recording it, I get to share it with you (you’re welcome) and you can hear the hoots of laughter all around. You can click on the below video that Kim Hunter posted on her YouTube channel watch it. I see she’s already on 385 views!

I really enjoyed this book launch and always have fun when spending time with my author and bookshop friends.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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