Embracing No Book Launch

Written by Paula Quinsee

This book launch was also a while ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to blog about it but I couldn’t just leave it so I’m doing it now. This book launch (like most others that I attend) was at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Monte Casino (my favourite bookshop). The author’s name is Paula Quinsee and the book she was launching was ‘Embracing no’.

Paula had a few people there (including herself) to talk about her and her book and that . The book is basically about embracing saying no and not always feeling that you need to say yes to everything because then you don’t value yourself and your time as being important.

I haven’t read the book as yet, but it is on my wish list because it sounded brilliant!

I took a few photo’s there to share with you here.

Paula Quinsee Book Launch 1
Simon Gear which I remember as the weather man
Paula Quinsee Book Launch 2
Standing waiting in the ‘wings’ is Paula, Hayley Joy Weinberg and her husband
Paula Quinsee Book Launch 3
Hayley Joy Weinberg, a fashion designer and owner of a beautiful boutique in Johannesburg (Hayley Joy) and specializes in regular, odd and plus size clothing. She also prints her own fabric using iPhone photography. A truly amazing woman!
Paula Quinsee Book Launch 4
Paula Quinsee talking about the book and what drove her to write it.
Paula Quinsee Book Launch 5
Paula Quinsee and I holding her brilliant book.

Paula Quinsee is a relationship expert, a competitive athlete and adventure seeker and has appeared on many television shows and radio interviews. If you would like to see what she does and what she stands for, you can find her on her website.

This was another successful book launch by another brilliant South African author and I enjoyed meeting everyone there.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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