Meet Our Pets

Pups and Frosty

Meet Pups and Frosty, our fur babies. The below photos are of them when they were puppies.

Pups was named that by my husband because he said that he’s going to call him pups anyway, so he may as well make that his name. My hubby was also very glad to get another male in the house because he is seriously outnumbered at times. I named Frosty…we were looking for a name to show off his white, fluffiness but didn’t want to call him Snowy because every second white dog is called that and I like to be a little different.

Pups likes to sleep on his back with all fours in the air. It’s quite cute and funny and I have taken many photos of him doing this and many times you can’t tell where he starts and where he ends.

Pets 3

Frosty on the other hand can sleep just about anywhere. I’ve even caught him sleeping behind the basin in the bathroom. Below is a photo of him sleeping on Storm’s foot…such a cute little monster! He reminds me of the little cute gremlin and I’m sometimes concerned about getting him wet.

Pets 4

They both have their own little personalities and eccentricities. Pups sometimes stares at the tree and bush feature in the middle of our yard and then runs around it barking. I often try and find what he’s obsessing over, but then start wondering what he’s been smoking when we’re not looking because there’s nothing there…unless it’s Caspar and I don’t mean Caspar Lee.

Pets 5

Frosty, on the other hand, is very protective of his food or biscuits and will give you a death stare if you come anywhere close to him when he has his biscuit in his mouth. He also keeps it there for a while which makes it look like he has a biscuit tongue. He will also attack your foot if you put it close to his bowl.

Pets 6

Pups is a mixture between a Poodle and another dog but we not sure which type and Frosty is a pure Pekingese. Pups is a year older than Frosty. Pups is four and Frosty is three. They love each other and often pose for photos together. They also love to roll each other over when playing and running around outside and end up full of dust, grass, and leaves and then subsequently walk it into our house. This means that our house is almost never clean and I’ve had to learn to deal with it…they are worth it though, even though I want to kill them sometimes.

They are part of our family and we love them very much. They have their own personalities, just like the humans in the house and they have their issues (just like humans). We couldn’t imagine life without our fur babies and we love them very much!

I have added a video below from my YouTube channel which shows Frosty opening a gate…it’s so cute!

What do your pets get up to?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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