My latest Boho Faves

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Most people know that I am a Boho fan. I am quite Bohemian myself and my style is also Bohemian. Due to this, I am always on the lookout for Boho jewellery out there that I can’t make myself and I often find many people that are very talented and that make the most lovely items of jewellery using Earth’s best.

I wanted to share a few of my latest faves with you. Please be aware that I am not being paid for this, nor am I affiliated to any of them. This is just my opinion on what I am loving lately.

First up, a website called ‘Angelic Feathers’. I could get quite bankrupt on their site from going absolutely crazy buying a lot of their different products. Below is my first favourites from their site which are Brass Boho Tribal Earrings.

Angelic Feathers 1

The next item that I love on their site (besides everything) are the hair extension clip in feathers. They have them in all different colours, but naturally, I love the blue set the most.

Angelic Feathers 2

The last thing that I’m going to mention (otherwise I’ll be going on for a long time) is their Mandala Bedspreads. I L.O.V.E these so much!!

Angelic Feathers 3

The next site is called ‘New Chic’ and I go onto the South African part of their site as they ship to us as well (whoo hoo). The item that I have loved from their site lately is their 10 Pieces Bohemian Statement Ring Set Vintage Rhinestones Gem Casual Knuckle Rings Gift for Women.

New Chic 1

The last site that I could get lost on is Etsy. It’s a little more difficult for South Africans to order from there, but those of you living in the right countries, you should have no problem. The first item on the list is a Turquoise necklace wrapped in gold. Turquoise is one of my birthstones because I am a December baby.

Etsy 1

The next item is called a Druzy Bangle. This is stunning and I would love one in every colour!

Etsy 2

The last item that I’m going to mention is the Fluorite Point Necklace. I love this stone because it is gorgeous and I love the pointed stones in these.

Etsy 3

Those are all my latest faves in the Boho world of jewellery. Did you see any that you loved? Have you got any favourites that you like? If so, leave the links in the comments below so that we can all go and have a look.

Remember…to place your order for any of my jewellery, please complete the form on my ‘Contact me’ page. I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong


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