Dragon Bond Part 1

Writing Prompt Challenge

Dragons are meant to be mythical creatures…but not in Dracanos. A small island town in Scotland which is said to have been the home to Vikings.

Dragons are said to be fierce and vicious creatures that steal livestock and kill those that get in their way. Well, that’s the stories that are told and most people believe those tales. However, there are a handful that know the truth.

What truth was that?

Dragons are definitely fierce but they are only vicious as self defence. What people don’t know, is that they are extremely loyal and protective of the family that they’re bonded to. These bonds hardly exist anymore because of the hatred of men, but they do still happen every few years where goodness and love prevails.

When there is no bond, they usually try and stay away from humans as they deem them as a little dim. You see, dragons are wise and intelligent creatures.

Our story starts in that small town of Dracanos.

There lived a simple couple, Ethan and Katherine, that sold milk and bread to make a living. They made enough to survive and still gave to those poorer than them. They were good people.

One day, the Katherine fell pregnant and they were overjoyed to be blessed in such a manner. Ethan began making the baby’s cot from wood, in his spare time and Katherine starting making the bedding.

The young couple was out one day finding wood and materials. They had taken a picnic basket with because they knew that they would be out past lunch time. It didn’t have much, only bread, milk, fig jam and apples. They had added two pork sausages at the last minute because they said you never know if you’ll need it.

As they were picking things up, they happened upon a dragon. At first, they were afraid but then they saw that the dragon wasn’t looking well.

“Dragon, what is the matter?” Katherine asked sweetly, hoping not to anger the dragon.

The dragon looked up weakly, “I am hungry and weak. I haven’t eaten in days. I think I may die of hunger here.”

Ethan and Katherine looked at each other, they didn’t have much, but they would give what they could to this needy creature.

“We don’t have much, but we have two pork sausages, some bread, fig jam, apples and milk. I will leave a little for my pregnant wife but you can have the rest,” Ethan said.

“You would do that for me? A vicious and scary dragon?” the dragon asked incredulously.

“Yes, you are a magnificent and wondrous creature. You cannot die this way,” Katherine said kindly.

Then they took the food out, put Kathrine’s food separate and then set the rest of it in front of the dragon.

He gratefully gobbled it up in one go while Kathrine ate hers slowly and then handed some to Ethan. He didn’t want to take it at first, but she assured him that she had, had enough and that he should eat it.

The dragon looked better almost immediately and sat up and shook himself out. His colouring had even improved.

“I am feeling so much better!” he exclaimed.

The couple couldn’t believe how quickly he had recovered from so little food. “We are glad that you feel better, but how did that happen with such little food?” Katherine asked.

“That’s simple. You gave it with love. It also means that we are now bonded forever. If you need me, you need only call my name, Draco, I will feel it and find you. Sometimes, even without you calling,” Draco reveals.

The young couple couldn’t believe it, they had heard of the bonds, but had never met someone who was bonded to a dragon…and now they were!

“Thank you for your kindness,” Draco said.

“And thank you for the bond,” the couple said together.

Draco gave a nod and flew off into the sky.

At home the Ethan and Katherine still spoke about what had happened. They still couldn’t believe the great honour that had been bestowed upon them.

A few days later, Ethan was talking to Katherine and mentioned how he could really do with roasting a sheep on the fire, right about now. A few minutes later, Draco flew up and dropped a sheep at his feet. Ethan was shocked and happily surprised.

“Thank you Draco! How did you know? He asked bewildered.

“I could feel your craving and I wanted to give you a treat for saving me,” Draco informed him, then winked and flew off.

Fortunately, they did not live in town or that would have been hard to explain. Ethan skinned the sheep and roasted it on the fire. They ate some and they shared with the poor people in the town. They even left some for Draco, which they called to come and eat. He was grateful that they thought of him.

So it carried on for about two months and they were all quite happy. Little did they know that danger was heading their way. Dracanos was in grave danger and so was Ethan Katherine and their unborn baby.

I hope that you enjoyed that. Part 2 will be coming soon.

That’s it from me for now…

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