Dragon Bond Part 2

Writing Prompt Challenge

Katherine was now sitting on her eighth month of pregnancy. She should be giving birth soon and she couldn’t wait to meet her little baby. She wasn’t sure if it was a boy or a girl, but the older ladies in the village said that she’s carrying like it’s a boy. She wasn’t very sure what that meant, but she didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl. As long as the baby was healthy and happy.

Ethan was excited for the baby too. Naturally, he would prefer a boy because he can then carry on the family name, but if it’s a girl, he will not love her any less. He had finished building the cot for the baby and was building something the baby could sit slightly up in and not lie down all day.

Draco came to visit every now and then to chat to the couple. They all enjoyed these visits. Draco also brings them treats every now and then but they always invite him to join them…and they always gave to those poorer than them.

Unfortunately, they were all blissfully unaware of the danger coming their way from the North. A horrible and ruthless King was coming with his army because he had been told by his spies that they had seen a dragon flying around there and he wanted it. He wanted to bond with the dragon because he believed that the dragon could make his army unstoppable…even though they already were.

The problem was, dragons can only be bonded to one family at a time and the only way to break that bond is to kill the whole family they are currently bonded to. King Torsten was more than willing to make that happen. He figured that the dragon must be bound to somebody to keep going back to the same place. He would find out who they are.

Dracanos would not be able to protect themselves as they are a village of farmers and simple people. There was no army there. What they did have, unbeknownst to them, was a fierce dragon who would protect his bonded family to the death.

It was a normal day in Dracanos and everyone was going about their daily business and duties. They suddenly heard a loud sound, like the earth was shattering. Everyone stopped and looked around to see if they could see what was happening. A child screams when a pottery pot falls to the ground and shatters as they earth vibrates. Mothers grab their children and usher them quickly to their houses.

Just then, they see the army coming up fast and looking vicious. The people of Dracanos stare at them in awe. They have never seen such a magnificent army before. They come to a stop in the entrance to the town. A little boy looks excitedly at them and waves. No one waves back, no one smiles, no one moves. The king looks around the village.

“Pitiful, aren’t they? Could the dragon really be bonded to one of these?” he asks obnoxiously and his men sneer at the people.

The little boy jumps back, not expecting them to be feral. He turns and runs to his mother.

“You there!” The king points at a townsman, “come over here!” he shouts.

The townsman is scared but he doesn’t want to upset the king, so he walks towards the king and stands in front of him.

“Do you not greet a king?” the king booms at him and he startles.

“I…I…I’m s…s…sorry your majesty. H…h…hello and w…w…welcome to D…D…Dracanos,” the poor man stutters.

“Oh, you seem to be dim-witted. Hopefully you can help me nonetheless,” the king insults the man.

“I will try your majesty,” the man replies quietly.

“I am looking for the family that is bonded to the dragon,” the king informs him.

The man looks confused. “Dragon? Aren’t those gone your majesty?” he asks, still confused by this strange question.

“Well, you clearly are not aware of a dragon here, otherwise you would be able to answer my question. A dragon comes to this town several times in a month,” the king says to the man.

“No, I’m sorry your majesty. I have never seen a dragon here. I’m sure we would have noticed because dragons are scary creatures,” the man explains.

“They are only scary to those that seek to hurt them,” the king says. He heaves a great sigh and rolls his eyes. “You are clearly useless. Kill him!” he says to one of his men next to him which swiftly takes out his sword and slashes the man across the neck.

The poor villager falls down dead in front of everyone. Chaos ensues. People start screaming and running. Ethan was on his way to town when people came running past him telling him about the king and his army, what they want and what they did. Ethan was furious! How can someone take such advantage of a poor man that was unarmed and couldn’t protect himself.

Ethan had half a mind to march up to this king and tell him what a coward he was, but he needed to protect his wife and their unborn baby. He had to hide them somehow, away from the house. When Ethan got to the house he spoke out loud so that Draco could hear him and hear what was happening there. He told Draco that he is going to try and hide his wife.

Ethan could hear the king working his way through the town, catching anybody that hadn’t yet run into their houses. Ethan and Katherine grabbed a few things and ran out the back of the house and into the woods behind them. Katherine was struggling to keep up even with Ethan pulling her along, her legs were giving in. Being eight months pregnant and running up a hill in fear is not easy. Just then, Draco arrived but he wasn’t flying, he was running with his body close to the ground in order to hide better. He told Ethan that he would hide them because the king was probably going to try and kill them to get their bond.

They climbed onto his back and he started running away from the town. Ethan looks behind them and watched the town disappear from sight. Their town needed help. And they needed help fast. What were they going to do?

I hope that you enjoyed part 2. Part 3 will be coming next week.

That’s it from me for now…

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