5 Steps on how I do my social media marketing

For almost two years now, I have been more disciplined in my approach to my social media marketing. I keep a diary now with four months set out in advance. I have started doing this to help me optimize my time spent on the socials.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that social media can be a black hole on your time and when you look again, it’s been an hour and you’re far behind on your work. That’s why I have become quite strict with myself concerning this.

I thought I would share my process with you to help you step your social media up.

Step 1:

I set up a share process that I follow over and over again through the next four months. I have 42 items on my list because it just worked out that way, but you can do yours anyway you want. Adapt it to fit you. My list is as below:

Step 2:

Once I had my process, I got out my social media ‘diary’ and started writing down what had to go up every day. I gave the random posts, ad’s, promo’s and own writing numbers in order to make it simpler to know which one to use. Example is below.

Step 3:

I go searching online for random posts and then I create my ad’s, promo’s and own writing. With the ‘own writing’ posts, I also look on Pixabay for photo’s that match what I’m trying to convey and use them in the posts. I do all these posts on Canva as it is the easiest option.

For my ad’s and promo’s, I do flat lay photos of my products and I use them for the posts. I have added examples below.

Step 4:

Once I have the posts ready and saved, I open Facebook, go to the page that I’m admin on and want to put the posts on (I have three pages besides my private one), I then go to ‘Publishing Tools’ and then to ‘Scheduled Posts’ on the left-hand side of the screen. I then start scheduling my posts for the next four months. The only posts I can’t schedule beforehand is the ‘behind the scenes’ posts and the YouTube video posts. See below.

Step 5:

Once everything is loaded onto Facebook, the only socials I have to post daily is Instagram and Twitter and that is only until I am able to start using Hootsuite. If you are like me and you still need to post these daily, then you can do the same as what I do. I copy what is on my Facebook page and copy it to my Twitter and Instagram pages. You are not supposed to use the same content on all your socials, but I don’t have the same followers on all my different socials, so I get away with it…for now.

TIP: Do not start scrolling. Have an allotted time set aside in your planner for doing this. When you’re doing your social media marketing, then ‘post and run’. Don’t be pulled into the black hole.

If you do blogs, then you will need to work out what content you want to post for the next four months as well, or at least have a rough idea. Otherwise you will scramble to know what to post on your blog days.

If you are also doing YouTube videos, then you would have worked out what that content is when you were doing the other content set up.

I hope that helps you with your social media marketing a little.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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