e-Readers vs Print Books

This is an age-old debate that happens between readers and authors alike. Many authors argue against using an e-Reader and then other authors are all for them. The same goes for readers. There are many people that are ‘old-school’ when it comes to how they want to read a book. Some refuse to read a book on an e-reader (and believe that it’s not a book if it’s on an e-Reader) and some won’t buy print books anymore and only use their e-Reader. Then you get those in between. We read books in both formats and we see the value in both formats.

I love having the actual print book in my hand. I love the smell of it, I love holding it and I love looking at it. These are things that are not the same for e-Readers…can you imagine sitting and smelling your Kindle? People will think you have finally lost the plot. The problem with print books though, are that they take up space if you don’t have bookshelves to hold them. They are also more expensive to buy than the e-Reader book. If you are someone that reads about four or more books a month, this can get to be an expensive and cluttered hobbie.

I get a lot of free books on my e-Reader. I know that they are usually the first book in a series and it’s used to entice you to buy the rest of the series, but still, you wouldn’t get a free print book to entice you. This makes it a bargain. You don’t have to have a big bag in order to carry your book with you everywhere you go because it’s slimline and some people (like myself) have Kindle on their cellphones. This makes it even easier to carry your book with you and have it accessible at anytime. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space that you may not have.

You can see that I believe that both options are viable. As an author, you need to market your book to the e-Reader community because that is were most of the authors sales come from and how they reach ‘Best seller’ status. Even if you are not fan of e-Readers, do not dismiss this avenue of selling books, you will regret it.

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